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Hand-Crafted Wedding Films

made to inspire your love

Remembering your day for a lifetime to come

There are moments in time that you never want to forget. Your first kiss, the warm thought of a loving embrace.


The excitement of starting a life with someone special.


The look in their eyes as they see you on your wedding day.


askem STUDIOS is your local videographer that wants to help you capture those moments.


We're here to help you hold onto those memories and to cherish them forever.

01. Watch Our Films

askem studios wedding films

askem studios wedding films

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02. Your Investment

Everyone desires a gorgeously crafted wedding day video. Of the two of you, beautiful and in love, having family members looking so proud of you, and of your colleagues having a great time, of your beautifully decorated tables and décor. And that's precisely what you'll get: a stunning film.

However, we go more than just looks. We encapsulate your love's essence. We focus on the particulars that convey the richness of your tale. We think wedding movies are quite personal.

Sharing pictures with others is simple. To watch a film needs you to sit down and pay attention to the themes, the surroundings, and the personalities. Because of this, we approach each video with sensitivity and care, producing a romantic film that is truly yours.

Your affection makes life lovely, and it deserves celebrating again and again.

You Have A Unique Story To Tell

We cherish all of our couples. We are enthusiastic about making a positive impact that goes past the big day. We're there to connect and tell your stories, we're an encourager, a supporter, and a companion.

Our Packages & Add-Ons

Meet Us: Todd & Kelley

03. Meet Us

Hello! We are Todd & Kelley, the owners of and the married couple behind askem wedding films.

Whether you've browsed dozens of videographers' websites, watched dozens of wedding films from other folks, or it's your first time here; we're excited about the opportunity to handcraft a film that reflects who you are as a couple.


We're committed to provide a service & film that truly represents you.

On our consultations we listen to you. We want to not just create a film that captures your day, but show your family and loved ones for years to come, the story of your special day.

Not only do we do our best to capture your day, but our amazing team members care as deeply as we do about your day.

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Our Teams

Our teams are and extension of our family at askem wedding films. Not only do we have the best team members, each and everyone of them value your day as if it we're their own.

We have hand picked the most amazing members of our askem family who will pay attention to detail, go above and beyond, and give you the best experience as a vendor can on your wedding day.

We want to ensure that on your wedding day you will be receiving the best experience from all of our amazing family at askem. You can put your confidence in the fact that your day will be properly captured and your experience with askem wedding films will be amazing.


Get To Know

Meet Us
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Creating Wedding Films Through:

Music that connects with you.

Storytelling, that revisits the lost moments of the day.

Quality, handcrafted films, made to inspire your love.

Capturing the hidden moments, holding them close to your heart.

Based in Greenville, SC and Richmond, VA: servicing all VA, NC, SC and beyond.

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